Health Insurance Plan

In today’s fast paced lives that we live and, in a race, to excel in everything, we forget one of the most important assets we own i.e. our health. Due to various habits & changing lifestyles, health related concerns have just become increasingly alarming. We may not be to go back to slow down the pace of our lives but can definitely guard ourselves against its side effect. Here’s when an efficient health cover comes in handy so that any sudden illness doesn’t derail our financial freedom

Medical assistance comes with a price tag, such that people are forced to sell their assets or rely on borrowers to meet the expenses. Such unforeseen events can be easily dealt with a strong health insurance plan.

So guard your finances by opting for complete protection for you & your family by getting adequate health cover as per your requirements.A Health Insurance plan provides fixed benefit health insurance cover against certain specified health risks and provides you with and helps you and your family remain financially independent in difficult times.

You (as Principal Insured (PI)), your spouse, all your children, and your parents can all be insured under one policy. Quite a relief isn’t it, to have all insured under one policy.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Flexible benefit limit to choose from :

  • High protection at low premiums
  • Add on Riders
  • Financial security
  • Flexible premium payment options
  • Health Check-up Benefit
  • Premium Waiver Benefit for one year in the event of any Insured undergoing surgery falling under Category I or Category II as listed in the Major Surgical Benefit Annexure.
  • Valuable financial protection in case of hospitalization, surgery etc.
  • Lumpsum benefit irrespective of actual medical costs
  • Increasing Health cover by way of Auto Step up Benefit and No Claim Benefit.
  • Ambulance Benefit
  • If more than one member is covered under a policy, Premium Waiver for other Insured(s) in case of unfortunate death of the Original Principal Insured i.e. the Policyholder at the inception of the policy.

How to select best Health Insurance

Choosing health insurance can be tricky, so we made a checklist for you, Here are a few tips for choosing the best health insurance plan for you.

  • Check the Scope of Coverage.
  • Adequate Sum Insured.
  • Waiting Period Clause.
  • Policy Type
  • Co-payment Clause
  • Room Rent limits
  • Network of Cashless Hospitals
  • Renewability Option
  • Premium Loading Factor
  • Claim Settlement Ratio